lundi 25 février 2008

Ted Fest 2008 - Friends of Father Ted, ou toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour faire la fete une semaine entiere et celebrer la Kitscherie

Greetings Brethern
Carlsberg don’t do priests’ festivals, but if they did, they’d know that there’s less than a week to go to the best feckin’ party in the world! Anyway, who needs Carlsberg, when we have altar wine? Fr Mink has unlocked his cellar and packed his bags. He was last seen heading in the general direction of ‘west’, with a straw on his collar and a ‘clink’ in his step…

On to matters of more immediate concern. If you haven’t already booked enough time off work for TedFest, get on to your parish council and do it now. February 25th to March 4th is a good guide*.

And don't forget Feb 29th is Craggy Independence Day!

Ireland has a turkey, the new Irish Republic of Craggy Island has Loose Threads.
The Craggy Island Song For Europe 2008 is Got To Get Me Tan by Loose Threads. This taste of Celtic Calypso is pure sunshine shining out your speakers. Who needs the Costa del Sol? Just park yourself in front of your sound system and soak up the rays!

The big highlight of the festival week is the evening with Graham and Arthur in Kilfenora on Tuesday, February 26th. It’s been exactly ten years since they wrapped filming there and we’re delighted to present god’s greatest representatives on earth for a Q&A session.
During TedFest week we're raising money for The RNLI, Croi, Down Syndrome Ireland and Kilfenora Old Folks Club so please support these excellent causes any way you can.


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